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The right DJ music turns any event into a special occasion. Having a DJ that has a wide range of musical knowledge can make the difference between a memorable event and a flop.

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DJ Music Should Fit the Occasion and the Crowd

Event music must suit both the occasion and the attendees. Whether you need a pristine classical playlist for a wedding ceremony or hip-hop dance music for the reception afterwards, a professional tune-spinner can select the right DJ music for every occasion and every crowd.

Successful DJs, therefore, have playlists that span everything from Forties Big Band standards to hypnotic dance music for trendy clubs. The right DJ music for each event should be second nature to a knowledgeable DJ.

Like any entertainer, a DJ must read the crowd. Experienced DJs know when event attendees aren’t into a song—and switch the playlist on the fly to accommodate their tastes. Knowing when to interact with the crowd: encouraging them to requests, giving shout-outs to the bride’s mother or the birthday boy—that’s an art that takes years of practice to hone.

Not only must their music encourage guests to mingle and dance, but they also must be a genius at the sound controls. The right mix can transform a neighbourhood party into a posh club—just with the DJ’s soundboard artistry.

Wedding DJ Music

Some of the most popular events to hire DJ music for are weddings. After all, it’s the event of a lifetime—so why not splurge and give your guests the time of their lives. A DJ that can play a dignified soundtrack before the ceremony and rock the house for the reception afterwards can do just that. Find a wedding DJ in your area today.

Venue DJ Services

For public establishments like hotels and clubs, it’s important to have music to draw in guests. Unlike a single-event DJ, a club or hotel DJs must bring their ‘A’-game every night with a playlist that pleases regulars and newcomers alike. Find a DJ for your venue here:

  • Hotel DJ
  • Club DJ

Party DJs

If you’re hosting a party, a DJ can make your party the most-talked-about event in the neighbourhood. For a kids’ party, be sure to choose a DJ that plays age-appropriate music. Whether it’s a birthday party or just a neighbourhood get-together, a party DJ can bring it to life. Choose yours here:

  • Kids Party DJ
  • Children’s Party DJ
  • DJ For Parties
  • Party DJ
  • Birthday DJ

General and Specialised DJ Music

Some DJs specialise in various styles of music. Others are ‘jacks-of-all-trades’, adapting their style and playlist to every crowd’s tastes. If your event has a retro theme, a DJ that’s a vintage music fan would be a great choice. But if you want your event to appeal to an audience of all ages and interests, a variety of DJ music might be your best bet. Pick yours from this list:

  • Modern Music DJ
  • Retro Music DJ
  • DJ Music


Finally, if you want to try your hand as a DJ yourself or if you’re a DJ looking to upgrade your equipment, you need a reputable DJ equipment supplier. Find a quality equipment dealer here:

  • DJ Equipment

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