On today’s market, there are so many fencing choices that it’s a challenge to choose the right one. When you organise your search, though, it’s easier to find just the right product for your needs.

Fencing Product Range

Consider the Location

Start with the type of location at which you want to install your fence. Is it a commercial or industrial facility, or is it your family home?

Consider Your Security Needs

Next, look at how secure you want the fence to be. If the fence is mostly for decorative purposes, you’ll not need a locked gate. If it’s to keep a pet from climbing, jumping, or digging out, you might want to look at a high fence with smaller openings, such as a chainlink fence with part of it buried underground to prevent digging.

For Fences, Form Should Follow Function

Consider the weather and use, too. Pasture fences must be strong enough to prevent large livestock from ploughing through it, but they must also hold up under adverse weather conditions for years on end.

A fence inside a museum to keep curious children (and adults, too) from touching fragile artefacts need not withstand harsh weather, but it should be durable—and preferably clear, so that museum-goers can see the items clearly from behind the fence.

If you only need a fence for a short time, you can sacrifice aesthetics for utility, since a cheap temporary fence might do. For example—if you need a fence to block people from walking on your new lawn while it’s still at the seedling stage. But, if you want a picket fence around your heritage home, you need to look at styles that blend in well with your home, garden, and the neighbourhood at large.

Fences and Gates for Home and Garden

Unless a home or garden fence is only temporary, you need to find a fence that looks as good as it functions. Choose colours and materials that harmonise with those of your home, your garden plants, and the background scenery.

  • Automatic gates
  • Boundary fences
  • Brick fences
  • Brushwood fences
  • Chainlink fences
  • Cheap automatic gates
  • Colorbond fences
  • Decorative automatic gates
  • Decorative fences
  • Driveway gates
  • Estate walls
  • Front yard fences
  • Garden fences
  • Gates
  • Glass pool fences
  • Hardifences
  • Installation glass pool fences
  • Lap and cap timber fences
  • Louvres
  • Ornamental automatic gates
  • Panel fences
  • Picket fences
  • Pool fences
  • Privacy fences
  • Privacy screens

Fences for Rural Locations and Stock Farms

If you live on a farm or live out in the country, you know that fences are designed to keep livestock in and predators out. Since you need to fence in large areas, cheap, yet sturdy materials are a must.

  • Barbed wire fences
  • Electric fences
  • Farm fences
  • Post fences
  • Rail fences
  • Rural fences

Fences for Commercial and Industrial Use

Commercial, industrial, and public facilities need fencing to keep robbers and other non-authorised persons out. High, strong fences are a must. Some areas inside the facility, like displays, observational decks, and other areas, require glass fences that allow people to view what’s inside while keeping them at a distance.

  • All Commercial fencing
  • Barrier wall fences
  • All commercial manufacturers fencing
  • All commercial suppliers fencing
  • Commercial aluminum fencing
  • Commercial glass fencing
  • Crowd control fences
  • Event fences
  • Frameless glass
  • Glass balustradings
  • Industrial fences
  • School fences
  • Security fences
  • Site fencing

Fencing Materials and Repairs

Fences can be constructed out of a wide variety of materials and types. Choose the material and type that works best for your location and its use.

  • Aluminium
  • Bamboo
  • Chainmesh
  • Corrugated fences
  • Glass
  • Mesh
  • Modular wall
  • Pinelap
  • PVC
  • Slat
  • Steel
  • Temporary fences
  • Thatched
  • Timber
  • Timber fence repairs
  • Tubular fences
  • Weldmesh
  • Wire
  • Wood
  • Wrought iron

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