When you’re moving, it pays to find reputable removalists that will take as good care of your belongings as you would. With all the scam removal companies out there, you need to do your homework and find one that you can depend on. 

The first thing you should look for in a removalist is the Australian Furniture Removers Association’s seal of approval. Accreditation by this official industry governing body assures you that your removalist has the proper vehicles, equipment, training, and storage premises (if the removalist also has a storage facility) that ensures that you’ll receive professional service from the day you book until the day you move in.  

Ask your friends and neighbours for recommendations. Read Internet reviews from trustworthy, objective review sites, such as Yelp and Google. 

Plan to find a removalist well ahead of your move, especially if your move is on the weekend or in warmer weather. Many people move during these peak times, so it’s important to book yours in early.  

Do plenty of research on the removalist to make sure they provide all the services you require. Some removalists, for instance, provide free boxes, while others offer a packing service for an extra fee. For busy working families, these perks are usually well worth the money.  

Others are no-frills movers—which can save money for those with extra time on their hands to hunt for boxes or pack their own belongings. Be aware, though, that a professional removalist’s boxes and other equipment will be sturdier than those you might get for free at the supermarket.  

Make sure that your removalist has a wide range of truck sizes and that they have the size you need available on your planned moving day.  

Whether you’re moving your household goods or the entire contents of your office or factory to a new location, take the time to find the removalist that’s right for you. 

Removalists Product Range

Home Removals 

Many removal companies specialise in home removals. Others handle more business removals. Make sure that your removalist has plenty of experience handling home removals, particularly if you have valuables, such as antiques or paintings to move. Here are some resources to help you find a dependable home removal service:

  • Backloading furniture services 
  • Furniture removalists Northern Beaches 
  • Furniture removals 
  • Home removalists 
  • Home removals 
  • House moving services 
  • House removals 
  • International moving 
  • Interstate backloading services 
  • Interstate removals 
  • Long distance moving 
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  • Packaging materials 
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  • Removalists 

Commercial Removals

When you’re moving an entire office or the contents of a factory or restaurant, you need a removalist that has experience moving the kind of delicate equipment your business needs to operate. Trained commercial removal companies, too, should know that many of the business’s files contain confidential information and treat it as such. 

Make sure that the removalist you hire to move your business has the recommendations to back up their claims. They also should have a truck large enough to handle your heavy machinery and office equipment.  

Use these resources to find knowledgeable, capable removal companies for your business removal: 

  • Business removals 
  • Industrial removals 
  • Office removals

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