Security is one of the most important aspect today. When you are running schools, businesses, banks you need to make sure that your premises are safe at any given time.

There are different types of security measures that you can use.

CCTVs (Closed Circuit TV): A surveillance system which comprises of cameras, recorders and displays. This device is be placed strategically in any space so all your surroundings are being monitored even if you are not around.

Security Locks: Usually these are placed in your doors or windows and includes security codes to make sure that uninvited people do not enter your home. This has an alarm that goes off once your place has been breached.

Security Guards: They can be employed privately or by the government. They maintain a high visibility of presence in the area and make sure that your premises are safe from any criminal activity. They enforce preventive measures to make sure that no harm comes to the people in the area.

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